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5/20/2018 - 5/20/2018

5/20/18 Mental Health Film Fest at Varsity Theater!!

Here is a link to the three films we planned to show at the Mental Health Film Fest. Also listed are links to the other videos we showed. Thank you for your patience while we figure out the technical limitations and potentials of film! Please share these links with friends and family! (YouTube videos may have ads. NAMI-SO does not endorse any of these advertisements.)


Why Are We Using Prisons to Treat Mental Illness? • OverCriminalized • BRAVE NEW FILMS
After Solitary 360° | FRONTLINE
Co-Occurring Disorders – Introductory Video
Stigma-free; Mayim Baliak


In May 2018 we wrote:

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, NAMI-SO presents their first-ever Mental Health Film Fest, from 1-3 pm, Sunday, May 20th, 2018 at the Varsity Theater in downtown Ashland!

The event will be a series of short films, addressing mental illness topics that include: PTSD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Suicide, Schizophrenia, Dual Diagnosis and interaction with the Justice System. Many of the shorts have won awards at the Mindscape Film Festival. After each section of shorts, we will have a panel of experts for interactive discussion and Q&A. 

This event promises to appeal to a large audience and is appropriate for anyone over the age of 13 (some media violence). We will include perspectives from youth in the videos, so please spread the word to anyone you feel will be interested.

We are very excited about this event and hope to see you all there!

Come to the Premiere Mental Health Film Fest!

There will be a total of seven short films, ranging from 1 to 20 minutes long.

(This info is also on our FB page, "Nami-So", and our "@nami_so" Twitter account. Please share!)

Written By: Meesha Blair

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