NAMI FAQ Section

Where can I go for re-socialization purposes or for rehabilitation services?

The National MHIC of the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) has an online database of facilities in each state.

The International Center for Clubhouse Development has an online database of clubhouses where people who have had mental illness can go to rebuild their lives.

The Compass House at 332 W 6th St. is the new clubhouse in Medford, Oregon. For more information call: 541-973-2840. E-mail:

The Union Drop in Center: 225 Hillcrest #8, Grants Pass, Oregon  For more information call: 541-474-3319

The Medford Drop at 345 N Bartlett St. Suite#102, is a new facility for young adults from ages 14 to 25, in Medford, Oregon    For more information call: 541-690-6056     or email: lauren@youth

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