About Us


NAMI of Southern Oregon, recognizing that biological brain disorders are handicapping conditions, is dedicated toward alleviation of symptoms and improving the general well-being of all those persons suffering from a mental illness by promoting and/or supporting the following:

  • Research in prevention, rehabilitation and cure
  • Improvement of all private and government care, treatment, rehabilitation and residential programs
  • Eradication of stigma
  • Public awareness and education in all aspects of mental illness issues
  • Service as an information collection and dissemination center
  • Providing support and education to families and friends
  • Soliciting and receiving funds in support of all of the above

The purpose of NAMI of Southern Oregon is to provide support and education, to increase public awareness and understanding of biological brain disorders and to advocate on behalf of persons with mental illness.

Who We Are:
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), founded in 1970, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals impacted by mental illness. NAMI of Southern Oregon was founded as an affiliate in 1989 and has worked faithfully since that time to provide hope and help to family, friends and individuals impacted by mental health disorders in and around Jackson and Josephine Counties. We do this through education, support, advocacy and working against stigma.

How We Operate:
We are an all volunteer organization and depend on membership dues and donations to fund our services.

What We Do:
We provide mental health education and support to the community through our Medford Resource Library, In Our Own Voice community educational presentations, our quarterly newsletter and this website. We also provide support and classes to individuals and families directly impacted by mental health disorders through the offering of NAMI signature programs - Family to Family Course, Family to Family Support Group, Peer to Peer Course, Connections Peer Support Group and the newly released program Homefront.    ALL SERVICES ARE FREE!

How We Advocate:
We advocate locally, as well as on the state and national levels, for a better quality of life for those impacted by mental health disorders. We do this by advocating for improved laws, funding, housing, treatment options and job training, to name a few. All of our services work toward reducing the stigma associated with mental illness in the community.   ALL SERVICES ARE FREE!

NAMI Southern Oregon Board of Directors
Andra Hollenbeck

Vice President  
Lezley Sanders

Debbie Garoutte
Linda Davis
Education Director
Evelyn Weaver
Newsletter Editor
Mike Hubbard

Members at Large

Stacy Brubaker

Andy Draper

Pat Garoutte

Charles Moore, MD

Laurel Nickels

Margie Norgan

Joanna Ballard

Meesha Blair